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Precision Engineers MNB

Accurate Machining Services

Established over 35 years ago, MNB Precision provides manufacturing and precision engineering services to the world’s leading companies across the Oil & Gas, Power Generation, Aerospace, Rail and other manufacturing industries that may require precision engineers.

We specialise in precision engineering, offering a broad range of in-house capabilities with a commitment to excellence in quality. Our Coventry based, 36,000 ft2 factory, provides services including:

  • CNC Milling – The easiest form of getting accurate drilling for all type of materials. We have a variety of machines from Hartford HCMC 15 to Soraluc FL-8000.
  • CNC Turning – We have many different CNC turning lathes giving us a wider range of opportunities.
  • Jig Borer – Vertical or Horizontal jig boring, we have got it covered with 6 different machines!
  • Spark Erosion – No cutting means any shape at any size. We can also offer initial designs if needed.
  • Wire Erosion – Provides excellent accuracy for tight fighting parts.
  • Grinding – We provide 5 various machines for precision grinding services.
  • Shot Peening – Used to enhance the surface of different materials.

In-house capabilities are supplemented with a robust and controlled supply chain, enabling us to offer an efficient turnkey solution to customers. We can provide an initial designing process if it is required and we carry this out efficiently to ensure that no time is wasted.

Engineering Services

Our innovative team of precision engineers work in conjunction with our customers to explore and deliver new concepts, develop groundbreaking manufacturing methods and take on the most demanding of CNC turning projects. So whether your needs are large or small, we can help your business with our qualified precision technicians and helpful staff we can assist you in the most cost efficient way for your company.

Trusted Precision Engineering Company

MNB Precision’s on site, temperature controlled, central metrology area houses three CMM’s and a team of skilled inspectors giving you full confidence in your product when is it put into operation around the world. Some say that Coventry is the heart of Engineering and we agree as it has a great history of growing engineering. We provide precision machining and precision engineering to companies both in Coventry and all across the UK.

Why Choose MNB Precision?

MNB Precision are one of the leading precision engineering companies across the UK, using state-of-the-art technology, machinery and materials, complimented by qualified professionals, we deliver high-quality products in a timely manner. Quality is essential for us; all the goods we manufacture go through rigorous testing to ensure they pass our checks. Below are a few reasons why you should choose MNB Precision:

Experienced in team members – We have some of the finest, experienced engineers that can manufacture quality ensured, tailored products to suit your needs.

Flexible – Highly flexible, we are able to manufacture prototypes large or small meeting deadlines you may have. From offering solutions, to manufacturing and choosing the right material, we can help with the entire process giving you the peace of mind.

Technology Driver – To do the job efficiently and correct you need modern machinery. We use only the best machinery available allowing us to produce quality products.

High Reputation – We have worked with companies across the UK and the world. Our clients include Mercedes Benz, Alstom Power Ltd, Honda Engineering Europe, Man Diesel and more.

We specialise in working with customers through the development cycle, from conception of new products all the way to the production phase. To learn more about MNB Precision visit our about us page. Fancy working for us? check out our careers page Get in touch with us today on 02476695959.


Latest News

Shot peening explained

What is Shot Peening?

As a leading precision engineering company in Coventry, we carry out various engineering services such as shot peening. Shot peening is a controlled process used to create a compressive residual pressure layer and modify the mechanical property of various metals. During the shot peening process, the material is shaped by bombarding ‘shots’ at the surface. These ‘shots’ are metallic balls or glass beads. The force at which they are shot is sufficient to create new shapes, each piece of shot acts as a mini peening hammer forming dimples, for this to happen the material must yield in tension.

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Shot Peening Explained

Advantages of using Precision Engineering

Save time and money by using Precision Engineers

No Human Error Risks

When you use precision engineering to produce products you are eliminating a large amount of human error risk. The numerically controlled machines are advanced enough that there is little need for human monitoring and supervision. Having slight human controlled also makes it cheaper to use precision engineering and no need to correct any errors, which otherwise would have been costly.

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Advantages of using Precision Engineering

What’s the real cost of the oil and gas slump?

You don’t have to look far to see that the current state of the oil and gas market is causing many businesses significant headaches.  The most recent price fall in the cost of oil, which is down by around 60% since mid-2014, is, of course, having a huge impact on the sector, but it’s also having a knock-on effect on other sectors too.

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The Cost of Gas and Oil Slump
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