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Manual Milling

Manual Machining

Manual Milling is a machining process that uses a rotating cutter on a workpiece to remove material at an angle. Here at MNB Precision, we provide high-quality manual milling services up and down the UK to companies in various industry sectors. Whether it is a big or small job, we can help!

Manual milling is where machining a flat, curved or unusual surface by putting a piece of equipment against a rotating cutter, with cutting edges. It is the most commonly used process in the machining industry. The motor driven spindle mounts and revolves the milling cutter, and a reciprocating adjustable worktable, which mounts and feeds the workpiece.

The process of manual milling can carry out a variety of different operations from small parts to heavy-duty milling. There’s a range of various tools that can be used within this process to create precision parts.

Manual Milling Services in the UK

What is Manual Milling?

‘Milling’ is a cutting process used in the engineering industry. A milling cutter rotates to remove material from a workpiece, and there are multiple cutting points on the cutter. Manual milling creates a vertical upright cutting movement. Cutting occurs on the perimeter of the cutter, and when the cutting starts, the edge known as teeth cut repeatedly creating shavings off the workpiece.

The whole milling process is to remove material with separate tiny cuts. The spinning cutter operates at high speed making the process quick, but the speed depends on which material is being used. There are many different types of cutters for various processes for example; end mills have cutting surfaces across them, some cutters can have extended cutting surfaces on their sides.

At MNB Precision, we have two KRV 3000, Turret Mills. These milling machines are built to last. This versatile, robust piece of machinery works across a wide range of components in varying sizes. We can offer a variety of milling services for your business which includes small and large milling needs. We also offer precision engineering grinding services. For more information on our Manual Milling services, please contact us.


KRV 3000 Turret Mill
Qty 2
X Axis (mm) 710
Y Axis (mm) 200
Z Axis (mm) 1000
Max length 1000