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Manual Turning

Precision Turning Machines

Manual Turning is the most basic machining process MNB Precision. The workpiece/part is rotated on a single point; the cutting tool is moved parallel to the axis of rotation.

What is Manual Turning?

Manual Turning is the process in which a cutting tool shapes a workpiece while it moves. Manual Turning needs a constant operator to supervise the lathe. A Lathe is a machine used to form workpieces while being rotated.

There are three main Lathes: An Engine Lathe which can complete most machining jobs, the Turret Lathe and Special Purpose Lathes which are both used for mass production or specialist parts. Different turning processes and produce different shapes and effects on materials, straight cut, curved and grooved. Manual turning uses simple single-point cutting tools.

 Manual Turning Services at MNB Precision

Our manual turning service here at MNB Precision is available for everyone. Manual turning is a form of machining that removes material; it’s used to create rotating parts by getting rid of unwanted material. Manual Turning requires the turning machine, workpiece, fixture and a cutting tool. The materials used for this process can vary from titanium, aluminium, and plastics.

At MNB Precision we have a range of precision turning machines including The TUJ 50 Tarnow, two Dean Smith Grace machines varying in swing and the 1760 XYZ manual turning machine.

Our highly experienced precision engineers can give manual turning services to industries and individuals from small to large amounts. Our skilled machinists have experience in working with various materials from steels, titanium, aluminium, aluminium bronze and plastics to exotic provisions such as Inconel and Beryllium.

If you need more information whether that is on Manual Turning, Wire Erosion or Manual Milling services, please contact us.

The full capabilities of our manual turning services are listed below.

Dean Smith & Grace 2415 x 90
Qty 1
X Axis (mm) 300
Z Axis (mm) 1500
Max length 5000
XYZ 410
Qty 1
X Axis (mm) 400
Z Axis (mm) 1500
Max length 1500
XYZ 1645
Qty 1
X Axis (mm) 400
Z Axis (mm) 750
Max length 750
Tarnow TUJ-50M
Qty 1
X Axis (mm) 860
Z Axis (mm) 3000
Max length 3000