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Nuclear Engineering

Atomic Manufacturing for Aerospace and Nuclear industries

Here at MNB Precision, we offer a vast range of Nuclear Engineering services for Aerospace and Nuclear industries. Nuclear engineering predominantly started out in the gas and oil industry, however, over the past few years, we have diversified into additional industries such as aerospace and nuclear.

Nuclear engineering is when products are engineered for different uses from nuclear energy to radiation. Nuclear Engineering has a diverse range of applications whether it is for industrial purposes or most importantly in medicine, for example in equipment for medical diagnosis or treatment.


F4N Engineering

F4N has been around since 2014 and is designed to support companies in bidding for work in the civil nuclear supply chain. F4N allows companies to compare the standards required in the industry against their own operations. It allows them to identify any pitfalls and address these to ensure the most efficient way of working.

Fit 4 Nuclear

MNB are on a roadmap to achieve F4N status, born out of this initiative MNB now work with an extensive range of clients and projects in this sector and would be happy to discuss in more detail any requirements you may have. Our engineers use high-quality engineering techniques to create products for all companies in different types of industries, so whether you’re in the nuclear industry or the Aerospace industry we can help with bespoke engineering.

For more information about our Nuclear Engineering, please don’t hesitate to get in touch, either call us on +44 (0)2476 695959 or drop us an email through our contact form. Did you know that we also offer Aerospace Automotive Engineers?


Nuclear Engineers

What does a Nuclear Engineer do?

A Nuclear Engineer will be in charge of doing various things from designing and developing the equipment, monitor the facilities making sure no regulations or laws are being violated. Our highly qualified engineers are at the forefront of developing nuclear components for companies up and down the UK.

As the world of engineering expands, so does the technology and uses of nuclear engineering. Over the past few years, research and development of processes, instruments and systems have increased for nuclear energy and radiation. Looking to become an engineer? Check out our careers page to see our latest vacancies.