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    Our Clients

    Engineering Clients

    Track record, reputation and repeat customers are always good indicators and MNB Precision is proud to have forged a long-term working relationship with some of the world’s most innovative technology companies. While our core focus is in the oil and gas exploration sector, we have served several other sectors over the years, where customers have sought to apply our standards and capabilities in industries where highest precision levels and quality standards are pre-requisites.

    Our reputation has been founded upon products such as:

    • MWD/LWD collars
    • Venturi Bodies
    • Transmitting subs
    • Completion tool equipment
    • Reaming tools
    • Labyrinth seal rings
    • Stabilisers
    • Magnetic cleaning tools
    • Downhole generators
    • Compressor Housings
    • Pistons
    • Flex Collars
    • Con rods
    • Rotary steerable tools

    Oil and Gas Industry

    MNB Precision has formed a long-term business relationship with a number of major Oil Services Companies, some stretching back more than 15 years. Designs in all aspects of the industry – e.g. downhole tools such as LWD/MWD collars, stabilisers, completion tools, reamers – are all becoming more sophisticated over time, both in mechanical and material terms. This inevitably increases the manufacturing challenges and demands care when selecting suppliers who can provide a consistent high quality of performance.

    Our client list includes:

    • Aker Subsea AS, a global provider of systems, services and products to the subsea gas and oil industry.
    • Andreguage, a renowned specialist in drilling and intervention tools.
    • Schlumberger, leading technology, project management and information solutions supplier.
    • Guardian Global Technology, an independent designer and manufacturer of downhole logging equipment.
    • Halliburton, one of the world’s largest, longest established and most well-known oilfield service companies, employing around 70,000 people worldwide.
    • M-I Swaco, experts in drilling fluid solutions engineered to improve drilling performance, and a subsidiary of Schlumberger.
    • READ Well Services, noted leaders in Hydraulically Expandable Tube Systems and cased hole services.
    • Weatherford, an international oilfield company that specialises in production optimisation technologies and strong lift products and solutions.

    We specialise in working with our customers from the conception of a new product all the way through to the production phase, applying our manufacturing experience to assist the development of optimum components.

    General Industry

    The Precision Engineering capability of MNB has proven to be complementary for major players in a number of industrial sectors, ranging from power generation to automotive to manufacturers of Precision Machines. In all cases, these customers operate in an environment that demands quality and reliability as pre-requisites.

    Industrial partners for whom we have recently provided a service include:

    • Alstom Power Ltd, transport sector leaders, and designers, engineers and maintainers of some of Europe’s busiest train and metro fleets.
    • Expert Tooling and Automation, providers of advanced manufacturing technologies and specialises in the automotive and aerospace industries.
    • Hydro Geratebau GmbH, market leaders in ground support equipment and maintenance tooling for the civilian and military aviation industries.
    • MAN Diesel, the world’s leading providers of large-bore diesel engines for ships and power stations.
    • Nicholson McLaren Engines, experts in designing, producing, maintaining and repairing motorsport engines.
    • Rolls-Royce plc, the second-largest manufacturer of aircraft engines in the world, with major businesses in the energy and marine propulsion sectors.
    • TBT UK Ltd, deep hole drilling and boring specialists whose products are used in the automotive, aeronautical and petrochemical industries to name but a few.
    • Torquemeters Ltd, high-performance torque measurement systems designers for the turbomachinery market.
    • Winbro Group Technologies, world-class suppliers of cooling holes and components used in aero and industrial gas turbines.
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