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    Value from your Machined Products

    High-Value Engineered Products

    Value is a combination of many factors of which price, quality and delivery are primary drivers. Interestingly most independent studies point to quality and delivery as the more influential factors in delivering value to customers. At MNB Precision, we remain convinced that we provide maximum total value for our clients, and their customers, as a direct consequence of the product quality. By attention to detail in our facility, we have virtually eradicated post-delivery conformance failure and all the associated costs, ensuring that our customers can send our products into the field promptly with confidence.

    We have also worked with our customers in exploring ways in which more value can be introduced into their business. For example, one of MNB’s long-term customers has applied our diverse skills to mechanical assembly of finished products, for which we manufacture, kit and assemble from over 450 component parts. This competence has been built up over the last 20 years and is an excellent demonstration of our ability to add more customer value to machined components by acting as a supply chain integrator – producing whole modules before despatch to the customer.  Overall, MNB Precision is keen to seek innovative technical and commercial arrangements which can better align the interests of customers and suppliers and yield superior value for all parties.


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