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Latest News

3 Benefits of Manual Turning

Since the inception of CNC milling, a lot of machining experts and even service providers have tried their best to make the move and make their machining operations more automated. However, there are some that are still holding on to manual turning.

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Benefits of Wire Erosion

Wire erosion which is also known as Electronic Discharge Machining (EDM) is a highly accurate process where a strand of wire is used to cut through the workpiece.  During the process, electrical sparks between the workpiece and the wire are used to cut the workpiece.

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Spark Erosion Explained

When dealing with difficult materials or complex shapes and sizes, spark erosion is one of the most successful forms of machining. There are no cutting forces so the integrity of the material is always maintained.  The process is highly controlled and allows for proper removal of material even on delicate materials.

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What Exactly Does an Aerospace Engineer Do?

An aerospace engineer does whatever his current job requires him to do. During his undergraduate training, an aerospace engineer is trained and given all the fundamentals of all subsystems that are related to rockets, aircraft, spacecraft and rotorcraft. You also receive training on design, testing and some aspects of manufacture.

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aerospace engineers

MNB Precision is Hiring!

Our Growth and Investment

Here at MNB Precision, we strive to provide our clients with the very best precision engineering services and we are delighted to announce we have embarked on a growth program that will see our turnover double to £20 million within the next 5 years. In order for us to meet this target, we have invested over £500,000 in four new machines.

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Engineering growth: Coventry manufacturer invests half a million pounds in new machinery and calls for more skilled workers

A Coventry engineering firm based at Charter Avenue Industrial Estate has embarked on a growth program that will see its turnover double to £20 million within five years.

In order to meet this target MNB Precision Ltd has invested over £500,000 in four new machines and taken on nearly 30 staff over the last 12 months. It hopes to fill a further 15 skilled positions by the end of year, bringing the total workforce to 80.
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What is Nuclear Engineering?

As a precision engineering company, we often get asked what is nuclear engineering and what does it involve?

Many people will automatically think of power plants when they hear the word nuclear. However, nuclear engineering is much more than that.

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What is nuclear engineering

Difference between Sandblasting and Shot Peening

Here at MNB Precision, we have teams of precision engineers specialising in many different engineering services including shot peening. One of the many questions we see is what is the difference between shot peening and sandblasting? So we have listed the advantages and disadvantages of both services.

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Sandblasting Shot Peening Difference

How important is Precision Engineering

With the modern manufacturing industry, we wouldn’t be where we are without precision engineering.

Only precision engineering can handle the demand of technology with the finer requirements and mass production. Many people don’t think about the precision that goes into making parts, whether they are large or small, precision engineering takes place in different industries such as nuclear and aerospace. Precision engineering ensures a longer running life along with less wear or fatigue, giving a better lifespan compared to manually manufactured parts.

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How Important is Precision Engineering

Coordinate Measuring Machines Inspections

What are CMM inspections?

A CMM (coordinate measuring machine) inspection is where objects for products can be inspected for quality and measured. A Coordinate Measuring Machine is used to measure the dimensions and characteristics of an object. It can measure a single point in a 3D shape or the whole shape. CMM is made up of three axes X, Y and Z and each axis helps to measure the product as well as be able to position accurately in other precision machines.
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CMM Inspection