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    Nuclear Engineering

    Atomic Manufacturing for Nuclear Industries

    Here at MNB Precision, we offer a vast range of Nuclear Engineering services for Nuclear Industries. It predominantly started out in the Gas and Oil Industry, however, over the past few years, we have diversified into additional industries. Nuclear Engineering is when products are engineered for different uses such as radiation. It has a diverse range of applications, whether it is for industrial purposes or most importantly in medicine, for example in equipment for medical diagnosis or treatment. Our Precision Engineers, use high-quality engineering techniques to create products for all companies in different industries.

    F4N Engineering

    F4N (Fit for Nuclear) has been around since 2014 and is designed to support companies when bidding for work in the civil nuclear supply chain. F4N allows companies to compare the standards required in the industry against their own operations. It enables them to identify any pitfalls and address these to ensure the most efficient way of working.

    MNB Precision are on a roadmap to achieve F4N status. Born out of this initiative MNB Precision now work with an extensive range of clients and projects in this sector. We are happy to discuss in more detail any requirements you may have.

    Nuclear Engineering

    What is Nuclear Engineering?

    A Nuclear Engineer will be in charge of designing and developing the equipment as well as monitor the facilities making sure no regulations or laws are being violated. Our highly qualified Engineers are at the forefront of developing nuclear components for companies across the UK. As the world of engineering expands, so does the technology and uses of nuclear. Over the past few years, research and development of processes, instruments and systems have increased for nuclear energy and radiation.

    Why Nuclear Engineering?

    Nuclear Engineering services have come a long way and continue to embed itself in modern businesses and industries. It has proved to be more efficient and reliable when the right procedures and equipment is used. In the past, it was largely centralised in the oil and gas industry. It has currently evolved to play vital roles in the healthcare and aviation industry and has also become a reliable source of energy. The use of nuclear energy is rapidly expanding and becoming helpful to many businesses and industries in different fields.

    Why Choose MNB Precision?

    Timely & Flexible – We are a highly-flexible team of Engineers who have experience working to tight deadlines on both small and large projects. Our team help throughout the project offering insight on material selection and manufacturing solutions

    Technology Driven – Our biggest strength in Nuclear Engineering is our diversity in the services we offer. We cover different fields which include nuclear energy. Even with our diverse range of customised services for our clients, we are still able to guarantee quality and reliable results. We also use state-of-the-art technology machinery and materials to give you the best results.

    Highly Reputable – Our Engineers and Technicians have 30 years’ experience and work hand in hand to provide the best designs for all clients, from Medical Industries to Nuclear Energy.

    Quality – All products, large and small, are produced to a high-quality here at MNB Precision. They also go through thorough testing before getting handed to the client; every product must pass all checks.

    Capabilities – We provide a vast range of Precision Engineering Capabilities. We understand that the needs of our clients are unique and that the solutions we offer should also be very unique. Our team of Engineers is more than happy to discuss the details of your project and come up with bespoke nuclear engineering solutions just for you.

    For more information on Nuclear engineering Services or any of our other services, get in touch with us today on 02476 695 959. Fancy working for us? Check out our careers page.

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