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    3 Benefits of Manual Turning

    Since the inception of CNC milling, a lot of machining experts and even service providers have tried their best to make the move and make their machining operations more automated. However, there are some that are still holding on to manual turning.

    Not because they don’t have the capacity to bring their own CNC machines but because even with all the technology that comes with CNC milling, there are still certain benefits that only manual turning can offer. Some of these include;

    It is more cost-effective for first timers

    CNC milling equipment is highly complex technology and requires significant investment to buy the machines and train people to use the machines properly and safely. The cost of production is also higher with CNC milling, particularly for the first production lines. Manual turning is also perfect for small projects that are highly specialized and require a lot of human intervention.

    It is perfect for small projects

    If you are looking at a small project and you would like to have it completed in a cost-effective and efficient manner, then manual turning would be the best approach. Unlike with CNC milling where large projects are more preferred, manual turning works perfectly for smaller projects with intricated designs and procedures. The immense human intervention required with this process ensures that you are able to enjoy the same quality of results only on a smaller scale.

    CNC machines require a lot of programming which can be time wasting to go through when you are only looking to complete a single machined part.

    Skilled Personnel

    Manual machinists take years to perfect their craft and improve their skill and experience. They are highly conversant with the math and science that is involved in producing machined parts. With such skills and experience, you are able to get better results with someone who understands the process and has done it countless times in the past. The skill of the personnel guarantees better accuracy with your parts.

    Even for milling services that are able to invest in CNC milling, manual turning should be retained as a viable backup. While the CNC machines are working on large orders, manual turning can be used for smaller projects that have a tight deadline. Manual turning machines are cheaper to purchase and have a lower overhead and definitely earn their spot in any machining space.

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