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    Benefits of Wire Erosion


    Wire erosion which is also known as Electronic Discharge Machining (EDM) is a highly accurate process where a strand of wire is used to cut through the workpiece.  During the process, electrical sparks between the workpiece and the wire are used to cut the workpiece.

    Other than being highly accurate, this method is also cost effective even on component parts that are thick. Using this process, you can also be able to cut complex shapes even on tough materials making it a preferred machining process for industries in various fields.

    In recent years, the accuracy of the process has been enhanced by closely controlling the sparks by use of dielectric deionised water. The water helps to quickly wash away particles that could affect the cutting process. It also acts as a coolant to make sure the metal components do not overheat.

    The process starts towards the edge of the workpiece by drilling a hole where the process will start. The EDM process was first introduced by Joseph Priestly who was an English Scientist back in 1770. This scientist discovered that an electrical discharge could erode metal and the wire erosion method was born.

    Benefits of Wire Erosion Machining

    • This form of machinery is able to complete the complex process with intricate detailing
    • It can work on workpieces made from hard materials
    • Compared to older cutting technology, this process is able to handle small workpieces without damaging the piece
    • Because there is no direct contact between the workpiece and the cutting tools, you can also work on weaker materials without the material being broken.
    • You are able to achieve just about any surface finish
    • You can easily drill fine holes
    • You can cut complex shapes
    • The process does not leave any burrs behind

    The downsides of Wire erosion

    • Compared to CNC milling, this is a more expensive process
    • The material has to be conductive to be used in this process

    Evaluation of Wire Erosion

    The greatest upside of using wire erosion is the ability to work on both hard and fragile pieces without the risk of them being damaged because there is no physical contact. The process is also able to complete simple and complex machining processes in a fairly short amount of time. For more information contact the team at MNB Precision.


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