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    CQual Change Game©

    At MNB Precision we take our training protocols very seriously. We recently had CQual join us to guide us through their 6s methodology and allow us to implement at MNB. In the pics below we can see the team are playing the ‘CQual Change Game ©’. This is a giant board game invented to close out the training. It brings all the learned subjects back to the table for a re-cap. It is played between 3 or 4 teams, each with 2 or 3 people. It’s fun to play, the prize being a coveted ‘CQual Change Game © Champions Mug’. We can see they are deep in thought over a tricky question, which, if they answer it correctly, propels them forward in the game.  

    5s means ‘Workplace Organisation’, making it easier for us to find and place tools and equipment. This allows us to reduce processing times and workflows through giving our customers their product in a quicker time. 6s takes on these 5s rules with ‘Safety’ added. You can learn more about our CQual 6s training and methodology here. 


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