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    Precision Machining

    What is Precision Machining?

    Precision Machining is a process that removes material from a workpiece. This can be completed in many different ways with different types of machinery, these include Milling, Turning and Electrical Discharge. Most machinery is controlled by Computer Numerical Controls (CNC). These machined products are used in all types of industries including Nuclear and Aerospace Engineering. These products are created for highly important components, which is why it is called Precision Machining, it must be extremely precise.

    Precision Machining Services across the UK

    Here at MNB Precision, we provide Precision Machining Services across the UK. producing large and small engineered components to Gas and Oil Industries. As with all project activity, investment in the planning and preparation phase is the key to the efficiency of the process and repeatable success of the end product. This needs a combination of staff with appropriate experience applying processes with the right capability. Our Estimating and Planning Teams include personnel who are skilled machinists that can identify the best methods and machines to accomplish the optimum results. In order to add a final level of confidence before a complex first component is committed to machining, we apply a computer simulation system (Vericut) to optimise the process and ensure wastage of time and resource is minimised for the benefit of both customer and MNB.

    Our Precision Machining Capabilities stretch across:

    For more information on our Precision Machining Services above, please don’t hesitate to contact us or call 02476 695959.

    Why Choose Us?

    Multiple machining services under one roof – We offer a variety of machining process like Jig boring, Spark Erosion, Manual Turning, Manual Milling, Grinding, CNC Turning and Machining among others. Our clients can enjoy a wide variety of Machining processes at MNB Precision.

    Capable Staff – We have a team of highly accomplished staff who are skilled machinists. To add an extra layer of confidence and guarantee success to our clients, we apply a computer simulation system to make sure all the processes are perfect. This also helps to make our processes time efficient.

    Precision – Just like our brand name, we are all about Precision and getting everything right. We take time to plan and prepare for all our services. We know how essential the parts and services we offer are to their respective fields and we make sure that we take precaution to guarantee nothing but the best and most precise results.

    State of the art Machinery – Regardless of the machining process that our clients need from us, we have the machines to have the projects completed successfully. We have milling, electrical discharge and turning machines all of which are state of the art and the most advanced.

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