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    Difference between Sandblasting and Shot Peening

    Sandblasting Shot Peening Difference

    Here at MNB Precision, we have teams of precision engineers specialising in many different engineering services including shot peening. One of the many questions we see is what is the difference between shot peening and sandblasting? So we have listed the advantages and disadvantages of both services.

    Shot Peening

    Shot peening is used to produce a compressed layer and change properties of a metal. Shot peening is different to shot blasting. Shot blasting is used to either clean or prepares material whereas shot peening is a process that is precisely controlled by a careful selection of media, along with controlled intensity. It is a cold process stress on the surface of metals. Shot peening uses steel ‘shots’ that are accelerated to the surface, this means that no dust is created and causes less pollution compared to sandblasting.

    Unlike sandblasting, shot peening is used in aerospace, automotive and construction industries that use specific metals. Shot peening media must all have the exact same diameter; this is to avoid unnecessary damage to the material upon impact.


    • An economical form of blasting material
    • Increases lifespan and durability of metal parts
    • Improving hardness
    • Strengthening
    • Surface imperfections
    • Straightening surfaces
    • Prevent crack formation once the material is under compressive stress


    • Thin and small workpieces are susceptible to deformation


    Sandblasting is primarily used for rust or paint removal. It takes compressed air as power to shoot sand, this acts as cutting to clean surfaces at high speed. The sand used is highly abrasive and can cause air pollution which is why safety precautions are needed.


    • Conventional Method with no hassle of chemicals
    • Cheaper than soda blasting
    • Effective use for rust removal
    • Reaches more remote areas


    • The abrasive method can cause imperfections beneath the rust or paint that is being removed
    • Can lead to wear and tear on the material
    • Certain materials can’t be sandblasted
    • Inhalation of sand particles can pose health issues – special safety precautions have to take place.

    If you would like more information regarding our shot peening services or any other service we provide here at MNB Precision then please don’t hesitate to get in touch by either going to our contact page or calling 02476 695959.

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