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Shot peening explained

Shot Peening Explained

What is Shot Peening?

As a leading precision engineering company in Coventry, we carry out various engineering services such as shot peening. Shot peening is a controlled process used to create a compressive residual pressure layer and modify the mechanical property of various metals. During the shot peening process, the material is shaped by bombarding ‘shots’ at the surface. These ‘shots’ are metallic balls or glass beads. The force at which they are shot is sufficient to create new shapes, each piece of shot acts as a mini peening hammer forming dimples, for this to happen the material must yield in tension.

By introducing residual stress in the surface, you can prevent cracks from generating on stressed alloy components. The pressure created on the material surface is developed by different manufacturing processes such as milling or drilling.

How does Shot Peening Work?

Shot Peening is achieved by accelerating tiny beads, ‘shots’, directly to the surface. During this process, compressed stress is generated as the impact of each shot produces indentations which stretch the surface; the material beneath those dents resists and creates an area of stress.  When the ‘shots’ hit the surface and generate the small indentations, the component becomes encased in a stressed layer. If you are looking for the most economical and practical method of ensuring surface stress then shot peening is the best manufacturing method there is.

Advantages of Shot Peening:

  • It reduces stress corrosion splitting
  • It can prepare components for plating
  • It straightens fragments that were deformed when manufactured
  • It reduces casting permeability
  • It can alter part dimensions
  • It will improve oil retention

If you need shot peeningget in touch with our friendly team here at MNB Precision. Keep up to date with our latest news like our blog advantages of using precision engineering.

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