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Shot Peening Machinery

Machines used in Shot Blasting

In the Engineering Industry, there is a wide variety of Shot Peening Machinery. Most machines used in Shot Peening & Shot Blasting are available here at MNB Precision. The type of machine used will depend on your industrial needs. To shot peen a piece of material, singular or multiple nozzles are pre-set at specific angles and at a certain distance depending on what the desired finish is.

Here at MNB Precision, we have many different types Shot Peening Machinery available to suit all industry needs.

  • Rotary Index Shot Peening Machine:

Rotary index shot peening machines are made to provide precision blasting for complex parts. The rotary tables offer high volume production of complex shapes with multiple stations for loading and unloading to maximise production volume.

  • Automated Rotary Shot Peening Machine:

An automated rotary shot peening machine is where precision peening in done with automation. Automated machines are designed to meet the high volume of production.

  • CNC Shot Peening Machine:

CNC shot peening machines are Computer Numerical Controlled machined used for precision engineering giving even and exact finishes.

  • Continuous Shot Peening Machine:

A continuous shot peening machine is ideal for blasting, coating and spraying. A 360 design allows constant and even finishes to parts.

  • Pressure Shot Peening Machine:

A pressure shot peening machine can give high depth to components, and blast nozzles are positioned with precision to ensure efficiency.

  • Suction Shot Peening Machine:

A suction shot peening machine is used to create parts that require a less aggressive surface and ensures an even finish to an entire surface.

  • Fine Steel Peening Machine:

To improve the strength of materials, fine steel peening machines are used. They can create fine dimples on a surface, the compression strengthens the part.

Features of Shot Peening Machines

There are many different features of Shot Peening Machines but some of the main features include: fixed or travelling guns depending on the type of machine, flexible loading and unloading mechanisms, adjustable media and air pressure, gun rods, holders and locking bolts. Typical Applications for Shot Peening are:

  • Turbine Blades
  • Airframe Components
  • Aerostructure ribs
  • Drill rod thread (Gas & oil industries)
  • Seal Rings
  • Medical implants
  • Springs

If you would like more information regarding our Shot Peening Machinery get in touch with us today.

Why Choose Us?

Highly Reputable – We have a team with over 30 years of experience of providing high-quality shot peening machinery with the capacity to provide you with the best designs for all clients in different backgrounds.

Diversity – We have a wide variety of shot peening machines which include the Automated Rotary Shot Peening machine, the CNC Shot Peening Machine, the Continuous Shot Peening Machine among others. You can rely on us to provide you with any type of Shot Peening machine that matches your requirements and needs.

Advanced Precision Technology – We understand how important it is to have precise equipment when shot peening and we have come up with the most advanced mechanism to make sure that our clients are able to enjoy the best and most precise results. The nozzles are fit at precise angles and distances to match the exact demands of our clients and their preferred results.

Quality – We never compromise on quality. We make sure that every small and large item we produce conforms to the highest standards of engineering and it is made from the highest quality materials. We make sure that all our equipment is thoroughly tested before being handed to the clients and all the checks have to be passed.


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