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    Month: August 2016

    A Brief History Of MNB Precision

    Established in a Midlands garage, MNB Precision begin life way back in 1980. Starting out as a small family enterprise, we initially focused on general engineering work with nothing but a couple of machines in a council house garage. Early success meant we quickly grew, and this allowed us to grow into larger facilities in Coventry and we started to take on significant work throughout the whole of the UK. Realising the need to stick to our core principals of general engineering, we also appreciated the importance of diversifying into other industries such as the oil and gas markets.

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    Luke and Elliot Benton

    MNB Precision and Sigma Engineering Works Announce Joint Venture for Advanced Machining and API Services and Manufacturing

    MNB Precision is the leading UK-based manufacturer for supplying high complexity, high-value components. These components are primarily for completion and downhole tools serving the upstream sector of the oil and gas industry. Other industries MNB provides precision services for include Nuclear, Power Generation, Rail, Automotive, and Aerospace markets.

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    Tolerance for precise engineering at Rail Live 2021

    Visitors to this year’s Rail Live can gain an insight into how engineering practices from the oil and gas industry are enabling the production of rail safety-critical components machined to the highest tolerances.

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    The art of leadership in modern manufacturing

    by Luke Benton, Managing Director, MNB Precision

    Working in a third-generation family-run business certainly gives you a unique insight into leadership, especially when you step into the shoes of your father as he stepped into his father’s before him.

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    Keeping expertise in the oil and gas supply chain in times of turmoil

    by Luke Benton, MNB Precision Engineering

    The entire oil and gas market is having to reassess its supply chain. As operators try to navigate an increasingly challenging commercial landscape, they are becoming ever more dependent on trusted business partners. Those partnerships must go beyond transacting products to supplying solutions.

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    A year to be proud of – MNB team take the business to new heights in 2020

    In many ways 2020 has been no different to any other year. It has presented its challenges, but we have met every challenge head on to ensure we keep delivering the very best engineering solutions.

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    Midlands manufacturer MNB Precision features in Sunday Times Virgin Atlantic Fast Track 100

    Coventry-based engineering firm MNB Precision has earned a place in the Sunday Times Virgin Atlantic Fast Track 100. The family-owned business ranked 30th in the prestigious league table of British private companies with the fastest growing sales. On the back of adopting a new customer-focused business model, MNB Precision saw sales rise by an incredible 76% over the last 3 years. The award-winning firm exemplifies the best of British manufacturing and joins 15 other Midlands businesses on the list which together employ more than 5,100 people.

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    Greatest Engineering Marvels of the Modern Day

    Throughout history there have long been many examples of breath taking engineering marvels that simply defy logic. Here at MNB Precision we love marvelous engineering feats and have decided to provide our opinion on the greatest engineering marvels of the modern day.

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    Greatest Engineering Marvels

    The 10 Greatest Aerospace Engineers Of All Time

    Just who are the greatest aerospace engineers of all time? The ability to fly has long been an ambitious quest for mankind. Many centuries have been spent trying to master the art, as such there have been many aerospace engineers with a profound and lasting impact. Here at MNB Precision we have compiled a list of both the greatest engineers and the greatest aerospace engineers. Ranging from the most famous and prominent to some lesser known yet still crucial figures, these are some of the best professionals in the field. Read on to find out more.
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    Greatest Aerospace Engineers of All Time

    The 10 Greatest Engineers Of All Time

    Throughout the history of mankind there have been many pioneers of engineering. Without a great many of these inventions life today as we know it would certainly be rather different. Here at MNB Precision we have tried to compile a list of the greatest engineers of all time in our humble opinion. You may not completely agree with our choices but they will give you some food for thought.

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    Greatest Engineers Of All Time
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